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Picton Mahoney Fortified Multi-Asset Fund Monthly Positioning: As at December 31, 2021

Source: Michael White, CFA
Publish Date: Jan 7, 2022
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Picton Mahoney Fortified Multi-Asset Fund  (the "Fund")

We noted in our last monthly update that for the past 3-4 months, our Economic Cycle Model has seen some probability of re-accelerating economic growth, which is a normal mid-cycle occurrence.  While this probability is not overwhelming, it is still significant enough to allow equity exposure to drift higher, mostly passively, through performance.  We continue to optimize the 10% on alternative mutual funds and utilize the Picton Mahoney Fortified Long Short Alternative Fund as a "beta dial" for equity exposure at the margin.  At just under 55%, net equity exposure (long minus short) remains below the 60% traditional “balanced” benchmark.  We remind investors that the Fund has other exposures to seek return with less reliance on the direction of equity markets.  Overall, equities (hedged as they are) remain favoured to add on pullbacks and as we await further confirmation of accelerating economic growth.  Inflation cues are also being monitored and inflation-sensitive assets may garner allocation at the expense of equities.

Fixed Income
Exposure to government bonds is down slightly from the prior month, mostly due to passive performance.  With roughly 80% probability to Economic Cycle “Phase 2” (decelerating economic growth), our model argues for some rates (government bond) exposure, notwithstanding relatively unattractive yields.  While the diversification benefits of this exposure have yet to be disproven, we continue to utilize a core allocation to the Picton Mahoney Fortified Income Fund as a more conservative / defensible allocation within fixed income, as it maintains a toolset to hedge interest rates, credit risk and liquidity risk. 

Commodity exposure is up slightly over the past month, again largely through passive weight increase.  To reiterate the key message in this update, we await further increase to the probability of re-accelerating economic growth in order to increase exposure to commodities as an asset class.  Being sensitive to economic growth generally, commodities can help redistribute equity risk and diversify a portfolio, but also add direct exposure to inflation impulses in the marketplace.  We expect that reported inflation may “come off the boil” in the near-term, but this could present the opportunity to re-express the inflation trade in conjunction with further evidence of accelerating economic growth.

Alpha Strategies
Merger Arbitrage and Market Neutral strategies primarily in use with no material change of late.  Target weights are relatively stable (and small), and we have been cognizant of outsized returns in this bucket some months ago.  That said, and as noted above, our alpha strategies can offer the portfolio the opportunity to garner returns (and diversify risk) in a manner that does not depend on the direction of risk markets.  These strategies remain diversifiers, but relatively small allocations are in the context of the 10% limit on alternative mutual funds noted above.

Risk hedges (in the form of VIX futures) continue to be a small, but dedicated allocation in the portfolio continues to make sense as we believe near-term policy concerns (withdrawing monetary stimulus – when and how fast) are likely to be a near-term headwind.

As we start a new year, we believe tactical opportunities will present themselves with respect to both hedging and adding to risk assets, depending on the macro backdrop in the months ahead.  We have always subscribed to the view that core diversification and prudent hedging reduces the need for decisive asset allocation shifts and the current environment should continue to support that philosophy.

On positioning the Fund for investors, our belief is that the diversified nature of the Picton Mahoney Fortified Multi-Asset Fund offers a more enhanced diversification in a core holding that is the natural evolution of a “balanced fund”.  Whether as an introductory vehicle to a diversified strategy with alternative tools and sensibility, a stable portfolio base from which to add satellite positions (individual securities, other alternative strategies, etc), or a one-ticket solution for smaller portfolios, we remain steadfast in our objective to deliver consistent risk-adjusted return.

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